Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The remodeling project is coming along.    I did not know that my rooms would be stripped down to the 2x4's and insulation when I decided that I needed an upgrade.  Oh well, it is just like starting anew.  I have visions of what things will look like in a few weeks.  My sister reminded that she is on month number 4 and still counting with her bath/utility remodel job.  I hope that doesn't last that long here.  I will have to finish it myself it that happens.  Carpenters are expensive.  They do know what they're doing most of the time though.

I do not take pictures with my phone and re post them. (I don't know how).  My camera is in the camper and I am too lazy to bundle up and go out and get it  so you will just have to imagine what is going on in my house. 

I had to be gone for a few days and came home to find that my plumbing for the vanity was moved.  "That needs to be moved back where is was."  They questioned me but agreed that they would move it back.  I knew that my vanity was as close to the commode as I wanted it and they had moved the plumbing 10 inches closer.  Not good. 

 The Rancher never notices things like this.  All he had to say was " I paid your carpenter for a weeks work,and it is a good thing I went to the bank about a home improvement loan". 

This got me to thinking....I have not done any home improvement for years.  Well, at least 11 except for painting.  It was time for a face lift and I am worth it.  

Men, and especially farmers and ranchers determine what is important to spend money on by relating how it will benefit the business.  I calculated that I had not spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on repairs for pickup, tractors and machinery so therefore, I am due.  Making me happy is an important factor in keeping things running smoothly  in this establishment.  Truthfully, the Rancher wants to do things too but it is not the same as spending it on say, a new shed or swather.  Oh, well...........

I am trying to find a mirror for my vanity.  The thing I dream of is just that.  I have  looked in stores, on line, in catalogs, and cannot find the exact thing I want.  I can find the right dimensions but it is as tall as I want wide and framed so it has a top that cannot be turned to the side.  I am thinking about buying glass and framing it myself.  I just want plain pine with a narrow frame.  I want it to be more than 24 inches wide. Is this asking too much?  I am going to shop again later in the week. 

In all of this, I am trying to be patient.  I came home to a dusty, dirty house on Saturday night and was upset.  I had forgotten what a mess remodeling is.  My attitude was not good,  "You knew this was going to be this way didn't you," came from Rancher's  mouth.  I had forgotten....I had to have a serious talk with God about giving me an attitude adjustment.  In reality....I don't have to worry about what my house looks like,  I have an excuse for it all.  Yea.  It will get better.

I have been pitching things though.  It is funny how things accumulate and you never use them  Unfortunately 
sometimes the very thing that you pitched is the very thing that you will need in a few years.  One thing I got rid of at a garage sale about a year ago was a brand new mirror with a knotty pine frame that I knew I would never use.  You win some and you  lose some......

We are having snow today.  Last night, the weatherman said a the panhandle would have a "dusting" of snow in the early morning.  It is nearly noon and still snowing with about 3 inches on the ground.  Should be out of here tonight.  We are thankful for the moisture.  


  1. Sounds like it's coming along! And always slower than we like! I like the snow, but it's keeping us from our project. Can't wait to see the bathroom finished! It will well be worth it!

  2. I lost you for a while there because I accidentally deleted your new address...But now I found you!