Saturday, January 28, 2012

Remodeling aka Where did This Junk Come From?

Last year, The Rancher and I begin to talk about doing some updating in our home. Not much had been done in the back part of our house for more years than I could remember. Well come to think of it, our oldest daughter was finishing the 8th grade. She is not a mother of married children. It isn't that we had done nothing to it, we had painted and fixed minor things but are due for a major overhaul.

The carpenter we contacted, put us on his list and guess what...We finally made it to the top. He came by last week and talked to us about what and how we wanted to remodel our bathroom and utility room. Well you know me...I had an idea but not a plan. I just wanted it updated. I did know that I wanted a custom build shower and vanity using Onyx Stone and I did know that I wanted the interior of my utility gutted and a fresh new start with some real cabinets and a closet but that was about all I knew.

I gave him ideas of what we needed and he gave me the news that he would come back in a week to ten days. OMG that got me to going. You see, my utility room is large and as I have no garage, it seems to be the catch all for all of the things that I refuse to throw away. I have shelves, a few cabinets and a freezer, refrigerator, washer, dryer and wardrobe, old chest of drawers and the list goes on. I went in a panic. I knew we had to have someplace to put this junk but I was afraid to approach the Rancher with the idea of a storage building. It just wasn't a practical thing on the ranch unless it was to store saddles, feed, and you know things that were really necessary or what HE thought was necessary. You know what the old sweetie, came up with the idea on his own. That very day, he went to town and bought me one that even has a front porch and windows. It was delivered and it is being wired with electricity so I can have lights and put my extra refrigerator and freezer out there. I am so pleased.

The story doesn't end here. Yesterday we started cleaning out. Need I say more? I am planning on getting rid of some of this junk. The wardrobe alone is a challenge. There are 21 pairs of gloves, boots, coveralls, coats, junk and more junk. The Rancher doesn't know that he owns 2 pair of coveralls that he has not worn. (they were on sale) We sort and have a hard time deciding what is really good. If we haven't seen it in 3 years, we must not really need it. The shelves are worse. I have canning, empty jars, lots of canned goods, just a lot of good stuff that I might need and the grocery store is 30 miles away. My husband thinks I could have my own if I wanted. I know that we did not discard near enough. He moved it to the shed and thinks we will go through it our there. Ha, we will forget about it out there and someday our children will scream and wonder why in the world we kept all of this junk. One thing I is not going back in the house.

The work and worry will all be worth it. In a few weeks, I will look at my new rooms and be so proud. I will not hoard things anymore. No I will not , I will get rid of them as soon as I quit using them, and I will not buy too many groceries when they are on sale. This way I can go to town more often. And I will believe all of this when it happens.


  1. Wow that is a lot of gloves! Are they actually in pairs? My glove basket is getting filled with lonely gloves missing their partner.

    We are excited to see the finished rooms!

  2. The finished rooms are probably weeks ahead and yes the gloves are pairs. I am not certain on how to finish everything up. I have only had 6 months to think about this.

  3. You go to town alot so you can't use that excuse! Haha! I'm excited for you and wish I could help. Life seems to have snowballed somehow! Hey--you know what? You could put that saddle in the den in your shed (or new utility...) and satisfy both of you!