Saturday, April 28, 2012

Country Livin' Remembering Dad

I am thinking of my Dad today.  He was an Engineer by profession  but his younger days were spent on his family ranch and he was a cowboy at heart.  He was also a "Cowboy Poet".  Looking through his writings, I found one that I did't remember having.  It was written the year before he passed away.  I loved reading it and it is written just how he talked and wrote it.

Country Livin'         By R.C. "Pat" Richard    March 4, 1997

It's quiet an' it's peaceful at out home
here in the country
and when the evenin' sunset's slowly
fadin' from the sky.
We can hear wild turkeys gobble from
their roost down in the Oak trees-
and watch the timid white tails
come to graze upon the Rye.

In the meadow Bobwhites callin' as
they covey up for nighttime
then the Lonesome Hooty owls begin to
sing their mournful tune-
and from out beyond the Ridge there comes
some mighty purty music-
From the "Local Coyote Trio" sayin'
howdy to the moon.

There's always somethin' doin' but there
ain't no need to hurry-
cause there ain't nobody worrin' 'bout
when it'e gettin done.
There's nothin' that I'm doin' that 
can't wait until tomorrow
so I work some, an' I loaf some, an'
 I take time out for fun.

Now town life is excitin' with its
hustle an' its bustle-
and the heaps of noisy people an'
a myriad of lights.
But there just ain't no comparin' it
to Livin' in the county
Where wild birds sing the live long day
an' coyotes sing all night.

So let me play my hand out in this
Quiet peaceful setting-
among the Lord's creations , Let me
Live and Let me die.
And when I ride that Last Long trail
just plant me 'neath the Oak trees
an' let me Rest forever underneath
God's clear blue sky.

I can just hear him saying all of this.  He loved living on "Retirement Ranch" and loved his cattle, horses and the wild life around him.  Mom probably would have enjoyed more time at the "town house" but she was happy wherever Dad was.  I miss them but they left so many happy memories.


  1. I hear both their voices in this. Grandad's telling it and Grandmama's giggle/chuckle followed by a word or two. She was happy where he was and he thought she hung the moon. They were a great couple. I miss them too, but know that that I will see them again. Thanks for sharing this Mom. Love ya

  2. I don't remember this poem either. Thanks for sharing! Just today I was telling my girls about how Grandad always changed up nursery rhymes and it made me sad that I couldn't remember all of the silly endings for "Little Jack Horner." I only remember him saying "Well, gee! Looky there!" But I know he had other endings to that one.

  3. Little Miss Muffet sit on a tuffit eating her curds and whey, Along came a spider and sit down beside her and said, "Is this seat taken?" Or maybe she picked her spoon and whacked him. That isn't exactly the way he said it but you get the idea.

  4. He was the best Grandad anyone could ever have. He loved his family so much especially the little kids he enjoyed having them around. I wonder how many extra lyrics he made up for "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain." We're the lucky ones to have them in our lives! Love them both miss them both.