Friday, March 23, 2012

I am at home alone.  I am soaking in the quiet and being lazy.  I am reading, watching TV, letting the house be a mess. I am  doing my own thing.  Not a soul is here to cook for, do laundry for, pick up after, ooops I am still here and I am a slob.  Oh well, I don't count.  I am here, enjoying my own company.  Tonight, when there is no one to say prayers with and no one to snuggle to, I will probably be lonely, but not now.

I have had two weeks of family.  I have loved every minute of it but as I am sometimes a hermit, I need to recharge my mind and body.  I need rest and laziness.  Sleeping in this morning doesn't count.  I have been doing that for the past two weeks.  When you have extra people around, you tend to stay up too late and visit and and play games until midnight.  It is a wonderful time of sharing. I loved having a one on one time with my daughters when they came and brought their children out.  Usually when they come, everyone is here and I don't get to visit  have a special time with them.  I am sure they were ready to go home and see their husbands but  Dad and I sure enjoyed time with them..

The rain kept us from doing all of the things we planned on doing while our company was here.  Our grandsons enjoyed some fishing but not all that they wanted.  We never got to take the granddaughters to the camp area for a wiener roast as the ground was saturated.  We thank God for all of the moisture He has provided though.  We didn't get to ride the horses as much as planned as one of them was acting ornery and Grandpa was afraid of how she would act on the muddy terrain.  

We kept busy everyday with kids, grandkids, friends, cousins, our dear sweet mother and siblings.  We had a lot of company and went to weddings, Dorothy's house, the lake, the creek, adventure trips, but today I am going nowhere!!!  I am at home and all alone.  Right now, I AM LOVING IT.

Everyone has went home.  The Rancher is on a week end fishing trip.  All is quiet on the home front and I will absorb the peace and quiet until about midnight and then I will be ready for some company.  You see, even if I love the peace and quiet of the day, I like my husband at home at night, but he needs this time too.  I just hope he doesn't bring home too many fish as I brought a beef home from the processing plant this morning and the freezers are full.  


  1. Time alone is lovely but I agree that when it gets dark, you need someone there! Thanks for all you did last week. It wax so appreciated!

  2. Thanks for keeping the girls! They had a great time!